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Day: March 9, 2017

How to Get and Stay Motivated

We often are aware that we have to accomplish a goal or target within a period or in our lifetime. However, it may be outside of your comfort zone which might not be that motivating to accomplish. So how to get and stay motivated to keep on to achieve a greater goal?

Here are three ways which will spark your motivation once again.

Compelling Reason

Everybody needs a basis to do what you need to do. Nobody can force you to do something you don’t like to do. However, if overcoming this obstacle will allow you to be closer to your goal or bring greater joy to your life. It will be easier to get over with this mandate task.

Successful people will go through this stage where things get boring and exhausting that they will want to give up or take a break. If it helps in the greater good, by all means, take a break, realign your goals and values, this will motivate yourself to push harder than before in accomplishing your goals in life.

The Mandate Task

Doing the annoying things is just not your cup of tea, it will kill you ten times faster. This is because you said it is boring so it will be boring. You can always make things interesting by taking another approach to things. If take the lift is boring, try to take the stairs for a change. You get what I mean, do something different or unusual about it, try doing it the opposite way, crazy as it may sound, but it will bring results that will well exceed your expectations. As far as it does not disrupt or harm your goals, just try it.

You Only Live Once

Do not be afraid of failing or losing. If the wall seems too high to climb, try plan B by going around it. If you fall, learn from the mistakes and alter your approach. You only live once, don’t be afraid to try new methods to get what you want. You have only one life to do the things you need to do, and you have now to do it. Do not wait till another time as time is a precious commodity which cannot be reverse. Note that everybody has a limited time on this earth to do the things we need to do.

So if the task is tough, break it down to pieces. If it is boring, add some fun into it. If there is no reason, don’t do it. If it serves a greater goal but lacks the reasons, find more reasons then. Life is short, do not waste it.